Wendy Thompson


When asked her favorite thing about volunteering with Wolf Creek Community Alliance, this water sprite replied that she’s always loved the dedication & kindness of this amazing group of people. Well, it certainly takes one to know one, because Wendy Thompson is quite amazing herself!

With her laughing eyes sparkling like sunlight on creek riffles, Wendy has dedicated much of the past 22 years to river and ocean ecosystems, both professionally and as a volunteer. She’s worked with sea otters in Monterey, monitored coral reef fish in Belize, led both SYRCL’s & WCCA’s water quality & stream insect monitoring programs, helped WCCA restore the ecological integrity of the Bennett Street meadow (the original Grassy Valley for which our town was named), felt the satisfaction of 17 successful Yuba River/Wolf Creek Cleanup events, and so much more.

Best of all, Wendy approaches each activity with her whole heart and with all the creativity of her bright mind. When helping to train new monitors, for example, Wendy’s kindness and positivity make everyone feel appreciated – because we truly are. Her talents as an educator, honed by 17 years in the classroom, combine with her scientist’s eye for detail to make protocol details clear and to make their importance memorable.

A monitor at WCCA sites 30 & 34 since 2010, Wendy loves returning to one place in the watershed each month to see its changes with the seasons, and to discover what her sites need in order for us to take good care of them. We are so fortunate to have such precious rivers and creeks so close to home! Wendy also loves the grassroots nature of WCCA and the diversity of our small watershed, with both rural and urban areas to connect with and help take care of.

She also loves the Wolf Creek Trail, appreciating how accessible it is for anyone in our community to enjoy a shady, pretty walk close to the creek, starting right in town, and with charming educational plant signs made by the kids at Grass Valley Charter in the special Nisenan Garden portion of the trail. Youth getting involved with environmental concerns are a big part of what gives Wendy hope for the future.

As Wendy says, “There is joy in this work. It feels like a gift to have the opportunity to make a difference.” Thank you SO MUCH, Wendy, for sharing your amazing talents, delightful hummingbird energy, and fabulously caring heart with all of us at Wolf Creek! Your presence is a gift!




Wendy Thompson