Wolf Creek Trail Extension

February 2023 — WCCA met with City of Grass Valley officials to learn more about future plans for the corner parcel recently acquired by the city as a trailhead connecting a future extension of the Wolf Creek Trail into trails along Wolf and Olympia Creeks in the Loma Rica Development. Currently, a modified sewer connection to the Loma Rico Ranch development is being dug near Wolf Creek at the edge of the parcel. The new city property protects the confluence of Olympia, Whitewater and Wolf Creeks, significant riparian and grassland habitat, and an historic stone railroad abutment that connects to the old railroad grade following Wolf Creek. Eventual plans for the parcel depend on funding. WCCA is advocating for development of the parcel that protects and restores its natural features, educates the public about the watershed and the land’s history, and serves as a crucial link in a greater Wolf Creek Trail.